Premium Boarding Services

Get the Paw Pass for Early Drop-off/Late Pick Up!

A Paw Pass membership allows you to drop off your dog as early as 6 AM and pick-up as late as 8 PM.
Call (630) 553-9432 for more details.

Our B(est) F(urry) F(riend)s need some Pampering Now and Then

We have solutions whether it is a one night stay or a couple months!


Private Suites are spacious and separate from the other dogs and cats. Private Suites include free Peanut Butter Kong Toys and Playtime or Play Group. Suites are only $15 add’l per night per suite (not per dog). They aren’t expensive, but they do get booked fast!

$60 + $55 for additional dog

Small Dog Room

This room is strictly for dogs under 25 lbs. They get to be around other dogs just like them and don’t have to be around the Big Guys! Our smaller Furry Friends can relieve themselves inside or outside — everything we do at Country Comfort is tailored to your dog’s needs and expectations. Rate is $5 add’l per night per suite (not per dog).

$45 + per night per suite (Not per dog)

Peanut Butter Kongs

Peanut Butter filled Kong Toys are a great way to get out some energy. We fill the Kong Toys with peanut butter and then freeze the toy. The dogs then lick and chew the peanut butter out of the Kong Toy overnight. Peanut Butter filled Kongs are only $4 per instance.

$7 per instance


Playgroup is just like Doggie Daycare but for boarding dogs. It’s for dogs who play well with other dogs and need to get some energy out. All our dogs get exercise in large yards, but the dogs in playgroup get even more exercise with their friends! Playgroup is only $3 add’l per day.

$7 + per day


Playtime is when our staff takes an extra 15 or 20 minutes to play with your dog one-on-one. We can do whatever your dog wants: play fetch, sit on the couch in the lobby, get a belly scratch or face licks! Playtime is $5 add’l per day.

$5 + per day

Our doggie daycare facility is in Yorkville, IL and we serve the local communities including Yorkville, Plano, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Montgomery and more.

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