Premium Grooming Services

Aromatherapy for all Grooming Dogs — FREE!

We find that Aromatherapy helps our dogs be calm and relaxed as possible for the groom. We want all dogs to come back happily!

Dog with cucumber eyes at spa with pink towels.
Two Golden Retrievers in front of stacked logs.

Our B(est) F(urry) F(riend)s need some Pampering Now and Then

We have solutions whether it is a one night stay or a couple months!

Dog scratching ear on tiled patio.

Specialty Shampoos

Add to Base Price

$5 : Zen Dog (medicated)

$10 : Flea & Tick

$20 : Deskunking

White poodle with blue bow tie sitting.

Bows, Bandanas, & Ties

Too cute for Words!

$3 Each

The Art of Dog Grooming: More than Just a Haircut


Do you really want all that hair in the house? Not to mention how uncomfortable all that dead hair must be!


Dog paws with pink nail caps.

Bling & Nail Polish

All Bedazzled up!

Price Varies

Our doggie daycare facility is in Yorkville, IL and we serve the local communities including Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora, Plano, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Montgomery and more.

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